Road Weary

It’s 5:40 am and we’re heading for the airport–more than ready to go home. The days at MCG were well-spent and Clairdee’s new recording project is off to a great start, start being the operative word. Her project will be a part of the new ArtistShare site that I’ve been talking about and working on intensely for the last few weeks. More about that soon.

While in Pittsburgh I got to see one of my writing mentors and that was like a shot of B12 (the Starbucks didn’t hurt either). Leslie Rubinkowski is the author of Impersonating Elvis, a wild book that brings to life the world of Elvis impersonators. She got to know quite a few of them and their world is one that I could never have imagined without reading it for real. She’s agreed to do an interview for my ArtistShare project about how to bring people to life with words.

Well, that’s it for the moment. Just wanted to check in and let you know that I’ll be back tomorrow.