Best Buy!

Just a few minutes ago I was griping to my husband about the cost of an evening’s entertainment. A ‘reasonably-priced’ meal for two, with one cocktail and a glass of wine each, followed by concert or club admission easily reaches the $200 mark. That’s fine if you’re earning a hefty income…or if you only go out on rare occasion. Thankfully, we do alright and go out when we want, but that doesn’t make me unaware.

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand the high cost of presenting entertainment, especially if the artists are paid well, though often that’s not the case. Still, prices do go up….and up….and up. (Whatever happened to “that which goes up must also come down” ?)

I wish everybody could enjoy an evening’s entertainment regardless of their economic status — in fact, I think that the have-nots might benefit more from the experience than those who have fewer worries. But that’s another subject for another day.

Regardless of your income, if you are a jazz lover in New York with $5 and a free lunch hour on Wednesday, January 3rd – 1-2 PM, make your way over to Saint Peter’s Church (E. 54th St. & Lexington Ave.) for the MIDTOWN JAZZ AT MIDDAY concert featuring soprano saxophonist BILL KIRCHNER and pianist JUNIOR MANCE. I can’t think of a better way — or more affordable — to spend a lunch hour at the start of the year!

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