Yippee!!! I’ve been blogrolled.

I feel like I’ve been knighted by the King of Arts Blogdom, none other than Terry Teachout. If you’ve come to me via About Last Night, thank you for taking the time to visit. Music, books, good works, and other reasons for living – that’s what this blog is about. In other words, whatever is on my mind – snapshots of my life as a writer and a reader, a listener and a watcher, a wife and a daughter. The categories under which these musings, opinions, and commentary are filed include Boos & Bravos, Notables, Hmmm…, Word Play, Writing Life, Reading Life, I’m All Ears, Jazz Ears, Date Specific, and This ‘n’ That. I post five days a week, usually in the evenings (California time), and while I do not plan to allow readers to post comments directly, I do welcome your emails. Only one thing can make me even happier than getting a nod from a much respected colleague and that would be reader feedback. Please stop by often, and let me hear from you.