Blues I

They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad
They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad
Wednesday’s worse, and Thursday’s also sad…

Call It Stormy Monday — T-Bone Walker

It might have been the big one – and then it wasn’t, New Orleans was spared…or so we thought for a few hours. Now the situation is worse than ever with two levees breached, water still rising and people trapped everywhere – in house attics, on roofs, in hotels with blown out windows. There is no power, no phone lines, no sewer, no drinking water or food. And in Mississippi entire communities have been leveled. At least a million Americans are now homeless and jobless – they are hungry, tired and scared. Aid workers will soon set up refugee camps, once a sight seen only in foreign countries.

Where’s the silver lining?
Something good comes from even the worst events? Everything happens for a reason? Every cloud has a silver lining? I cannot imagine an upside to the horrors I’ve been watching unfold in Louisiana and Mississippi. People have lost homes and personal property, and that’s a shame to be sure. But to see entire neighborhoods – stores, businesses, schools, churches, hospitals, libraries, museums, restaurants – destroyed is beyond heart-breaking. With the water continuing to rise I can’t help but wonder if New Orleans might become a modern day Pompeii; thousands of years from now, some future civilization might excavate the site and uncover the shards of our civilization.

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature
Is any of this our fault? Have the changing weather patterns and atmospheric conditions been negatively impacted by our emissions, our pollution. Would the marshlands have saved the gulf cities had they not been eroded and lost? Have we brought this on ourselves in the name of progress and pursuit of the good life?