Mail Re Techno-Stuff

After my Interview Process: Technicalities post last week, Mr. Rifftides wrote that he, too, recorded to minidiscs when conducting interviews for his Desmond book.

I have the Sony MZ-B100. Great invention. I use the Sony ECM-MS907 microphone and, for phone interviews, a JK Audio QuickTap, the same sort of gizzmo as your Radio Shack mini recorder control. I transferred some of the interviews to CD through my sound system, but it was cumbersome and time-consuming and I decided that for archive purposes, I didn’t really need to. … I ended up doing all of the transcribing. It’s a great, if laborious, way to get to know your material. I found that some of my best ideas came to me while I was transcribing. I think that if I were starting over, I’d go solid state digital with something like the Marantz PMD660, but the minidisc system is fine.

Then Ted Panken, a fellow jazz writer and terrific interviewer whose byline you can find in The Village Voice, Downbeat, and other notable publications, chimed in to tell me about WavPedal.

It’s software that allows you to connect a foot pedal (it’s part of the package) to your USB outlet, and transforms your computer into a virtual transcription machine.

You know I’ve got to check that out. If it works well, bye bye cassettes! I’ll be able to take Ted to lunch and still save money.

I also heard from Lynn whose Reflections in d minor blog subhead reads “Music, art, culture, Web-surfing, backwoods living and arrogant opinions” — you know it’s the arrogant opinions that keep me coming back. She had an excellent suggestion:

To protect your email address from spam-bots put it in a non-clickable graphic.

I have taken a chance and put a clickable email button in the left panel of this blog, see it? It says “To Email Me click here.” If I end up getting spammed, I’ll have to remove it and use Lynn’s solution. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll avail yourself of the easy-to-use button and write to me.