I’ve Got Mail: Brick Fleagle

Bill Crow, bassist and a man of many Jazz Anecdotes, wrote:

Brick was an interesting guy…I met him at the 54th St Eddie Condon’s one night when I was subbing there. I was back by the bar during the first intermission, and Vic Dickenson was introducing me to a friend of his who was sitting on a barstool. The guy next to him stuck out his hand and said, “..And I’m what’s left of Brick Fleagle.” I wish I could remember what we chatted about, but I found him charming and engaging, though quite loaded. I often saw him at the bar there, and wonder what became of him.

Brick had cancer. When he was in the hospital (St. Vincent’s), Luther tried everything he could to help his friend, and that included bringing to the hospital a voodoo woman with a live chicken for sacrifice. Brick won that battle with cancer and was able to leave the hospital, but he later lost the war. I haven’t verified the dates yet, but think it was 1981 when he died.