Surfs Up

I got this email from another tech friend:

I got a real kick out of your article of the 26th where you talked about urban legends, hoaxs, and well-meaning friends; you have no idea how much garbage I receive from less technical friends warning me of some impending disaster about to befall me or my computers, and I agree that research as to the truth or fiction of these warning is very important.

I especially enjoyed your closing phrase, “check them out before you flood the ethernet with more garbage”, and chuckled to myself at the thought of all these networked users running amok on the internet with no firewalls in place, allowing their “ethernets” to receive whatever the web dumps onto their systems! “Surfs ’em right”, I say!

And then he took me to task – tongue in cheek, I hope – for one of my made-up words:

What a hoot! In Caveat Lector Dictionaria/Encyclopedia, “Talk about derivated words. I feel betrayed.” Now *that’s* funny!

And he included an online dictionary link to here.