Musicians’ Web Sites

There are gazillions of musician web sites, too many for any one person to surf. So I thought I’d mention just a few that have come to my attention lately.

Either blue is cool, or blue is jazzy, or maybe blue = cool jazz. Two dynamic drummers both have deep blue home pages. Lewis Nash starts off in blue, but changes moods with each section tinged in a different palette.

Drummer/Poet Michael Stephans combines words and music. Click on Words to sample his poems and essays, and click on Media to hear some clips, including the most unusual rendition of Hava Nagilah I’ve ever heard from his as-yet-unreleased new recording.

Drummer Marty Morell (many remember him from his years with the Bill Evans Trio, 1968 -75) has a new quintet album with sound samples available on his new web site.

Also of interest are The Bill Evans Webpages

Guitarist Henry Johnson has a cool-looking new site, but several sections are still under construction…

It looks like the ArtistShare home site has been redesigned, sporting a lighter cool blue feel and tabbed sections. The current welcome message says:

Where the fans make it happen. ArtistShare is all about delivering the excitement of the creative process to the fan.

Some of my favorite people have Artistshare web sites including: Bob Brookmeyer, Billy Childs, Scott Colley, Jim Hall, and Maria Schneider

And last for today, but certainly not least, Sonny Rollins has a killer site – it is chock full of content with lots more to come, including some really interesting audio Reflections.