So much to read…so little time

Thank you to Doug Ramsey a/k/a Rifftides, for introducing me (here) to An Overgrown Path . I may be late to the party, but no less appreciative of the fine sensibilities displayed there. I particularly enjoy the way many of the postings end:

If you enjoyed this post take an overgrown path to ____

The Monday October 10th post, Journey with Jack Reilly , led me to Michel Petrucciani. I knew Michel fairly well, wrote his press bio for Blue Note many years ago, hung out with him and his lady at the Grammy Awards one year, and still enjoy listening to his recordings, including a trio album that was not mentioned along the path – Power of Three features Michel, Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter live at the 1986 Montreux Jazz Festival. If memory serves, it made it to #2 on Billboard’s chart of Top Jazz Albums. The CD appears to be out of print (I saw some used ones at, but the DVD is available at Tower, still my store of choice (if you do not know why, read this).

And speaking of Wayne Shorter, I really really need to make time to read Footprints, the Shorter biography by Michelle Mercer. It got lots of rave reviews from critics as well as from friends of Wayne. Deep In A Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker by colleague James Gavin is also newly added to my reading pile as it was a birthday gift from drummer Michael Stephans.