Chaos – Part 2

Today is the beginning of renovation week #3. Clearly, there will be no Thanksgiving dinner served from my kitchen this year – we’ll be dining at the home of friends. I think the cabinets may get finished today or maybe tomorrow, and then they will start to tile the kitchen floor. The kitchen counter is almost done, but the tiles are heavy and the added few inches in depth now necessitates corbels be added to support the overhang. Also, the expanse of the counter changes the impact of the color of the tiles, which now no longer seem to blend with the color of the family room walls. (It’s hard to imagine a 12’ x 4.5’ expanse when looking at a 13” square tile.) So, I’ve had to pick out a new paint color for the walls. (Funny how these projects seem to mushroom.) I have never been partial to white walls – except perhaps for my parents’ home where the white living room walls make a great backdrop for all the colors and art works that fill the room. My childhood bedroom had yellow flowered wallpaper and the beds were covered with green corduroy spreads. Our bedroom today, once blue, became green about a year ago. John’s office is beige, my office walls are butterscotch, and for several years now the family room walls have been a deep raspberry color. The kitchen has been the only white-walled room in our house. As of today, my new plan is to paint the kitchen Soft Ivory and the family room a golden yellow color called Valley Flower that I think will complement the counter as well as the new bamboo floor to come without requiring a change of the family room draperies. Raspberry and blue will then continue to be the accent colors.