I Am Not Alone — More About Truth

Nobody has written to me on this subject, but there is evidence out there on the Internet that I am not alone in bemoaning the erosion, if not outright loss, of truth in our public discourse. Bulldog Reporter, self-described as “The Leading Source of PR Views, News and Tools,” has a section called Daily ‘Dog, in which, on December 9th, there appeared a piece titled Is Truth the New Pink? How PR Can Bring Integrity Back into Fashion. Here’s the sub-head followed by the first two paragraphs of the piece written by Aaron D. Cushman:

Veteran publicist says the media’s waning credibility poses new challenges to PR’s ability to reach the public while also presenting an opportunity to help raise standards.

Truth is no longer fashionable. Our great country that has enjoyed its lofty position of righteousness is in the throes of losing the international public relations battle. Our nation’s reputation is suffering—thanks to unilaterally abandoning international treaties, militarily becoming an invader and occupier, and more recently, having its government leadership (like Senator Tom DeLay, Mr. Cheney’s chief of staff and a certain California congressman) pleading guilty to accepting bribes and kick-backs and allegedly lying to grand juries.

It’s become an infectious disease that has, in the past decade, infiltrated the media. Once pillars of the publication industry, media outlets such as CBS, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Cincinnati Inquirer are but a few who have acknowledged staff errors and misdeeds.