Chaos Is Over…for now

The kitchen/family room renovation is finished, yippee! It looks quite nice if I say so myself. What began as a way to replace some old counter tiles and make the kitchen cabinets more user friendly (didn’t want to have to get down on my knees and reach back into the bottom of a dark cabinet for items I couldn’t even see) mushroomed a bit. In the process of replacing the cabinets with drawers of various depths that pull out all-the-way, we also reconfigured the kitchen a bit — moved the refrigerator, built a pull-out pantry cabinet behind it and extended a second counter. We also tore up the old linoleum flooring and replaced it with tile.

The top picture on the left shows the new main counter with the Galaxy Red tiles purchased at Contractor’s Tile Mart in San Gabriel, and below that, the piece de resistance, the custom-built pantry specially designed by Ross Hoagland of Halcyon Artisan Contracting in Altadena. What you see in the center of the picture are two ‘drawers’ that pull out sideways from behind the refrigerator; behind them is a doorway. [Note: I am mentioning by name only those people/establishments with whom I would willingly work again. Anyone who has ever done any home renovations knows that is high praise indeed.] Top right shows the extended second counter, and below that is the flip side of the main counter as seen from inside the family room. The original plans also included replacing the worn blue carpet in the family room with bamboo flooring.

I had not intended on painting the family room, but the change from deep raspberry to yellow made the room feel larger and everything in it felt new. The fireplace, the bricks around which were looking old and crumbly, suddenly took on a new life, standing out against the floor and walls. The shallow brick mantle is now lined with bamboo and there are two small bamboo trim pieces running down the sides and across the base. About the paint: the family room walls are flat yellow with the ceiling and trim painted glossy with a 10% tint of that same yellow. The kitchen walls and ceiling are all the same glossy 10% color, with the exception of the beam over the main counter that is painted with the same yellow as the family room, making the two rooms feel more like one big space. Blue turned out to be the accent color, with the blue leather couch, blue upholstered bar stools, touches of blue in the draperies, and blue in the new lighting fixtures. These were so cool looking that I used them in both ‘rooms,’ again to join the rooms together. There are three bars of lights in the family room, and the kitchen has two bars and three circles.

Can you tell I’ve been watching too much Home & Garden TV?