Jump From Frying Pan Directly Into Fire…

So I correct one mistake and make two more, kind of like taking a step forward and two backward. Geez.

I was just about to close up shop for the weekend when I heared from Just Muttering. My friend who wrote in correcting me did so with “love and laughter” and not in the spirit of perfectionism, but I agree with JM’s philosophy so I am happy to give her the last word:

Although I am a perfectionist, I am trying to get over it and be able to explore thoughts and expression with greater freedom. In particular, I feel that blogs aren’t published for posterity – although they are, in some sense – and that we should suspend some of our extreme critical criticism therefor (which is one of my favorite not-misspelled words). I guess some people live in grass (yes, I mean grass because they don’t break) houses since they can spell “grievous” wrong (or perhaps even say it wrong – eek) but freak out about “mia”. Maybe Mia Farrow had dome something. Shall readers point out every missing word in everyone’s posts (you “blogged bright early” but probably meant you blogged bright *and* early, and the note was undoubtedly “sent by one of [my/your] best friends”). We are all, sadly, regretably, lamentably, human. When someone can show me that perfectionists are more caring and kind human beings than mistake-makers, I’ll let myself care about these things again. Our lives are too short and kindness all too rare….