I’ve Got Mail: Really Scary and Really Cool

I remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 — the year was 1968 and I had not yet turned thirteen years old. Fourteen years away – more years than I had theretofore been alive — seemed like eternity, and I never thought then that any of those things could or would ever happen. In this morning batch of emails, I received this:

Ordering pizza in 2010

This could be scary if it wasn’t funny!?
Be sure that your speakers are on and the volume is turned up.

For a look at what ordering pizza in the year 2010 will be like, click below:


This could easily happen — not in some far off distant future, but right now, today. It might not be legal (yet), but the technology to do this is already exists. Scary, if not downright horrifying.

On the not so scary and kinda cool side of life, a DevraDoWrite reader sent in the following email to share:

You may recall the Charles and Ray Eames short film titled “Powers of
Ten” shown in school science classrooms many, many years ago. Non-Baby
Boomers may have seen the film during an Eames design retrospective or
at a museum. Here’s a link with info about how the film was made:

The link below is a Web-based equivalent of the Eames film,
incorporating modern scientific theories of cosmology and sub-atomic
structure. Like the Eames film, it stops short of illustrating the
more exotic extensions of either “extreme.”

Both the Eames work and the Florida State re-work of the same material
are awe-inspiring.