Awe and Admiration

Friends and even some acquaintances often comment that they are amazed by my schedule and stamina, the number of projects I juggle and so forth. I know people who work far harder than I do, so I assume that this “awe” is inspired by my cancer encounter and living with multiple sclerosis. It’s nice to get compliments, a good ego boost and all of that, but I’m not really so impressed with myself, especially when there are others whose struggles are much greater. Today I read a story on NPR’s website about a woman, Ms. Morant, who knows far better than I what it means to keep going. She lives in a brick row house in Washington, D.C. where she cares for her 89 year old sister and her 95 year old brother. After 20 years her sister is in the end stages of Alzheimer’s and over the last six years her brother has had several strokes. Ms. Morant, who has been caring for them the whole time, is 101 years old. Now she is truly worthy of awe and admiration. Here’s the link to the NPR page with the story, photos, and audio.