I’ve Got Mail: Am I Gullible?

I remember my dad telling me that he once saw a television interview where someone made a disparaging comment about all those wrong notes that Thelonious Monk played. So when I read about Hans Groiner’s recordings (see post below from earlier today), I took it seriously. I have now received two emails regarding this matter. First from Bill Kirchner (the one who told me about it in the first place), who at least admits to some uncertainty (maybe just so I won’t feel too bad):

I can’t say for sure, but I’d bet that the “Hans Groiner” (if there is such a person) recordings are put-ons, and very funny ones at that, a la Paul Weston and Jo Stafford’s legendary “Jonathan and Darlene Edwards” parodies.

And this from Mike Davis across the pond in Shropshire (Mike is co-author of Hampton Hawes: A Bio-Discography):

Think the Hans Groiner ‘Plays Monk’ saga is very funny. Jazz humour isn’t yet dead methinks. Round up the usual suspects. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Crow knows the true identity of Herr Groiner.

So Bill Crow, what say you?