I’ve Got Mail: Animal World

Writer/Producer John Chacona writes:

In DDW this morning, you mentioned the Amy Sutherland book. As fate would have it, I listened to a podcast of an article by Ms. Sutherland just this morning. The print article from which the podcast is drawn is at:


The link John provides takes you to “What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage,” an article by Sutherland who is now applying to her husband the techniques she learned from the animal trainers. Hmmm….

According to let’s call this (JC’s website) writing about the arts doesn’t pay his bills but it does keep him sane. On his site you’ll find links to many of his writings, including this one:
Musical Royalty: Pianist Bill Charlap grew up in a household surrounded by musical greats, including his parents. (Erie Times-News ShowCase, 1 June, 2006)