I have been designing a lot of web sites these last couple of months – some are blogs, others are complex content managemet systems built with Joomla, and others are simpler html-based sites. Now a client is asking about advertising on a blog and rather than experiment with that site, I thought it might bebetter to experiment on my own blog site…just in case.

I just created two “ads” – one for each of my two ArtistShare projects. After this paragraph you should see one of them, followed by the last paragrph of my post. I think that every time someone comes to DevraDoWrite it will alternate.

At the Feet of a Jazz Master - a new online project
with jazz bassist-turned-talent manager, John Levy.

Rest assured that I have no plans to sell ads on DevraDoWrite, but depending on how this works, I might continue to place inside a blog post an occassional announcement about my own projects. Or maybe I’ll try a thin banner at the top of the page. We’ll see…

One thought on “Testing”

  1. Just to report on your “testing”, your rotating embedded banner appears to be working well, as it alternates between the two versions of the banner with each load (or “refresh”) of the page. 🙂

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