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Just heard from long-time friend Dick McGarvin. You may know him as a drummer and/or radio deejay. He refers to himself in this email as a bloggee, as in reader of my blog, me being the bloggER. He was writing to say that even though my posts are sporadic these days, he continues to check in– for which I thank him mightily, as I do Bill Crow who recently chimed in with a comment, and you too, whoever you are reading this now. Dick went on to say:

Anyway, what prompted me to write now was this from your blog:

I face many challenges in writing the Luther Henderson biography not the least of which wll be how to make the reader understand just what it is that a musical arranger does, where the lines between arranging and composing blur, and why these people are seemingly invisible when their role is so crucial to the success of the people we all recognize as stars.

It reminded me of a quote I like. Composer/Arranger John LaBarbera said, “Arranging is composing without the royalties.” If you go to his website and click on ‘Arranging’, you’ll see it’s listed first in his ‘Arranging Tips’.

Thanks, Dick. LaBarbera has provided a treasure chest full of little gems. (And while I am not prone to liking movies and such on home pages, I really like the animation on his front page.)

I mentioned Bill Crow’s comment above. If you didn’t see it, he was writing to tell us about Brilliant Corners: A Journal of Jazz and Literature and I must say it looks fascinating. It comes out twice a year ($12 for 1 year) and the journal is also available at Barnes and Noble or Borders Bookstores. They don’t share any excerpts online but they do post a list of books from which pieces that were originally published in the journal. Definately worth a stop at the bookstore! Thanks, Bill.

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  1. I just pulled a bunch of old LPs out of storage and found Peaceful by DMcG right on top- It is still one of my all time favorites – no question it stands the test of time. I used to drop into a little club in the Sunset in SF around ’68/69 and remember Dick not only as a wondeerful mucic man but also as an all-around nice guy. Nice to know he is still well and active….

  2. Hey, I am a super DICK MCGARVIN FAN and hsve seen him play,D.J.,his movie Smile, and his trio, I would love to know where he is now 4-16-2009 I live in Las Vegas,and B-4 and Lost contact with his music and radio and acting. Could you put me on to where he is working, or entertaining? Thanks SANDY

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