Takin’ It Back With Barack, Jack!

James Moody hipped Jimmy Heath to this YouTube clip and Jimmy sent it to me.
Watch, enjoy, and don’t forget to vote. (No matter what your viewpoint, it’s your right and your responsibility to make your voice heard)

Here are the lyrics:

Hate to see the nation being run by a hack
Dig the situation that he dug in Iraq
Half the population wants to give him the sack
And now he’s lookin’ round for somebody else to attack
We need somebody great to get us back on the track

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Choo Choo, Change to believe in
Woo woo, we can achieve it
Choo Choo, Change to believe in
Takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Now that global warming is a matter of fact
The only real question is just how to react
The new administration needs the guts to enact
Drastic legislation, leave the planet intact
We can’t be foolin’ round with some Republican Mac

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Choo Choo….

He only gets his money from your regular macs
Doesn’t take a penny from some whackity PAC’s
For bringin’ folk together he’s the man with the knack
And he’ll supply the hope and inspiration we lack
Cause he’s the best we got and did I ….mention he’s black?

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

163 thoughts on “Takin’ It Back With Barack, Jack!”

  1. That was really nice i am so proud and very happy that so many people are ready for real change i work hard on this campaign i wish you would join me in these last 3 days Obama needs all of our help to make this change happen,IT”S OBAMA TIME. RENEE L.

  2. If you guys elect those Republicans again I’ll never forgive you!

    An Old White Canadian Guy

  3. Yes, I love it and good lyrics .
    hope another song coming soon

    comment from Indonesia, Nov 8 2008

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