Gifts That Keep On Giving

I was happy to learn that ArtistShare has a method that allows one to purchase a participation offer as a gift for someone else. This applies not just to my own project offers at SnapSizzleBop, but to any ArtistShare-powered project. My favorite “artists” include, in alphabetical order, Bob Brookmeyer, Billy Childs, Scott Colley, Jim Hall, Ingrid Jensen, Donny McCaslin, and Maria Schneider.

The ArtistShare site has pages with featured artists and featured projects. So check them all out, and be sure to visit SnapSizzleBop too.

Here are the instructions for giving the gift of participation:

The person giving the gift should purchase the Participant Offer as normal. After the purchase is complete, the purchaser should send an email addressed to programming at to let them know that they giving the Participant Offer as a gift and would like to transfer the account to the appropriate person. The gift-giver will need to provide the recipient’s name and email address. ArtistShare will transfer the account to the individual and let the purchaser know that the change is complete. They will also send an email to the person receiving the gift to let them know that an account/participant offer has been set up for them.

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