Happy Birthday John

Today my darling would be 108 years young. It has been 8 years since he died and I continue to miss him, and to talk to him, each and every day. This picture was taken one day before John’s 97th birthday. I sure hope I will look as good when I reach my 90s.

John and Devra Levy, 2009.

What would John be feeling if he were here today? Like most of us, he would be grateful to those on the front lines, saddened by the massive loss of lives (of both friends and those unknown), and enraged by the ineptitude of national government that has made this crisis so much worse than it had to be.

What would we be doing? Probably “relaxin’ on the axis of the wheel of life” and listening to Nancy Wilson’s Lush Life recording or Joe Williams’ Here’s to Life. Maybe we’d have rice and beans or catfish for dinner. If we weren’t on lock-down, we’d go to the fish market and pick up a basket of Maryland crabs so John could cook seafood gumbo for tomorrow’s Easter Sunday dinner.

Darling, you were the light of my life and you are still my guiding light: yesterday, today, forever…

Candlelight and Roses for my love.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday John”

  1. Heartfelt sentiment beautifully expressed by the brilliant writer, Devra Levy. Thank you for allowing us into your lives. Our memories of times spent together will always be a wonderful reminder of his unique and creative life that we still cherish. Love you madly.

  2. HAPPY Birthday John.. Although I didn’t know you. I feel I have through my Good friend Devra Hall. God Bless You in Heaven.

  3. Just to remember and then acknowledge “the axis of the Wheel of Life” is so precious. A life well spent.
    You and John are very special.

  4. What a beautiful message. Devra, you knew me as Jane Swan, way back when… Now I am Jane Pierce and I live in Maine. I have the fondest memories of our meals at Dinah’s, your sweet duplex in Culver City and of our talks. You are a wise and remarkable person, and I admire you so.

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