Ten Years Gone

At 10:47 PM, Pacific Time, ten years ago today, John took his last breath. His passing was peaceful and I was grateful that he was able to depart on his own terms, at home, comfortably in bed, and in my arms. When he left the house a few hours later, it also seemed to be on his own terms. The folks who came to get him had placed him on a gurney, wrapped in a very lovely quilt. When they got him to the font door and had to go down a few steps, they chose to up-end the gurney such at he appeared to be standing as it rolled down the walkway. Watching from behind, I imagined him walking tall as if heading off on another road trip. He is still out there on the road, and I continue to talk to him every day….

3 thoughts on “Ten Years Gone”

  1. Thank you for sharing your memories with us, Devra.

    I have just finished your book written with John and really enjoyed every word. The early parts of John’s life are historically valuable to have set down.
    I also appreciated the stories about the jazzmen and women John managed – especially the classic quotes from Joe Williams.

    Barreiro, Portugal

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